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Aren't they cute


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Small Holder Pack: Chickens

  • Small Holder Pack ... multi colours,
  • Use to identify "your girls "
  • Price is per 10 mixed colours in 16mm - standard layer size , 18mm Lge Layer and 20mm X Lge Layer
  • Flat Coiled Rings
  • Available Plain (good variety of colours) 
  • Can be personalised eg. Initials - up to 6 letters and consecutive numbers( extra charge applies)
  • Available from Day old chick size to Heavy Breed Chickens and Geese
  • You can personalise these rings yourself eg) Name of hen etc.we will supply a good quality permanent marker for this purpose.
  • contact us for quote on personalized( Stamped ) 
  • click here for more information and sizing on our stock lines






  • Please note these rings are available from 5.5mm ( day old chicks) in a good range of colours contact us for your personal requirements


Magnified photograph to show syle and colours available

Flat Coil #1 ( 5.5 mm)

FC1 5.5mm

per 10 pack

Photo to show style

FC2 ( 6.4 mm )

per 10 pack
Photo is magnified to show style

FC3 ( 8 mm)

per 10 pack

FC4 ( 9.5mm)

per 10 pack
Suits :

FC5 ( 11.0mm )

per 10 pack
These rings are a wrap around style.

FC 6 ( 12.7mm )

Flat Coil

per 10 pack

Example of some of the colours available

FC7 (14mm )

per 10 pack

FC8 (16mm )

per 10 pack
  • This size will suit
  • Standard Layers
  • Silkies

FC9 ( 18mm )

per 10 pack