Neophema rings

Closed rings photo to show style, colour is RED

Red Closed Aluminium for Lge Budgie , Peachface, Neophema X 100

Red is the YEAR colour for 2018

4.5mm internal diameter.

Laser Numbered

Closed RED rings for 2018

Coded 8M with a Random Start number

each 100 will be consecutive



Split plastic 4.5mm X 10

split plastic colours

Includes post

tool is $1 extra

sp 4.5
Please note we have 7 colours as at july 17 we will send mixed colours for you

Split Plastic Rings 4.5mm QTY

4.5 mm internal

Suits Large Budgie, ( Show ) Peachface and Neophema , fine breeds Please note Bourkes need the 4mm size


Includes freight and 1 tool per order

Please note we do not have all colours in stock , we will send a mix of the colours available, if you want specific colours please contact us for availability

Orange M

Large Budgie Rings Delicate Neophema X 50 ORANGE only

  • 4.5mm internal
  • Closed ONLY
  • Orange in colour
  • Coded 6M numbers are consecutive eg , 1201 to 1250 etc etc

Closed 50 FOR $30



Only Large Budgie/ NEOPHEMA at this price


cl pl 4.5

Closed Plastic Rings 4.5mm

closed plastic rings  , orange , black or purple( mauve )

can split for you  extra $5

All numbered 1-100  have 17 on them and 4.5 for size


Blue Closed Aluminium for 2017

  • Cosecutive numbers
  • 4.5mm approx internal

Roll numbered

10 for $15

30 for $35

50 for  $50 all prices include post

Split Aluminium 4.5mm ( M)

Split Aluminum Rings 4.5mm M

all consecutive numbers

random start

10 for $18

tool to close $20