Coop Cup 5 " with Nut

  • Has extra rim

Coop Cup with Nut 6"

  • approx 6 " diameter
  • bowl only is stainless
  • extra rim on bowl to help prevent bird removing the bowl

Stainless Puppy ( fruit ) bowl

20 cm  and approx 2.5 cm deep

Great as a easy clean and durable fruit / seed bowl.



Mason Jar Feeder

  • Jar has 750g capacity
  • Suitable for seed mixes up to small parrot.
  • You need to blow off husks to keep seed moving through
  • special price for a set of
  • 3 FOR $21.95
  • 12 for $70.00
  • Mixed , random colours supplied


tbe 145

Tube Drinker 145cc

This is the Medium sized drinker

  • Great for a pair of budgies
  • attaches to outside of cage, so you can see and fill without opening door.
  • Capacity is 150 ml approx
  • Comes with clip
Gr n Dr

Green Drinker 1ltr

Holds 1 ltr
  • A great drinker for Quail, small birds and chicks


FM sm
You are buying the base only

Flowmatic Small

  • Soda Pop Feeder / Drinker


  • Australian Made
  • Great for finches ( seed )
  • Chicks as a drinker
  • FM L
    Base Only supplied , bottle for illustration only

    Flowmatic Large

    • Soda bottle drinker


  • Use soft drnk bottle to  make a drinker
  • Suitable for small seeds also
  • No Mess Orange Feeder

    Great little no mess feeder,

    excellent for all young birds and chicks