Baths,Toys & Play centers


Outside Bath Colours

Small outside Bird bath

Suitable for small birds only

2 pack for $14.95

We get a variety of colours in these usually red, green ,blue and yellow...... if you have  apreference leave a note at checkout and we will send if availabl e
C/tiel Lge Bth


  • Sits outside cage
ss bucket

Foraging BUCKET Multi use

Stainless Steel Bucket Multi Use

Buy 3 for $39.95

How cool is this Great for storing those lottle bits and pieces

Fill it with pine cones, shreded paper, blocks..... and with your parrot have hours of fun sorting through the remnants.

Use as a flower bowl, add fresh bottle brosh and grevillea...... lots of enrichment opportunities here..... throw in a few nts in shell for even more fun


The bucket is :

11 cm tall ( excluding hooks )

the base diameter is 10 cm

the hooks are 3 cm long and each is 2cm wide.

The capacity of the bucket is approx 4 cups ( 946 ml )

As you can see in he photos the side with hooks has a flat edge, to allow it to hang......or sit .



perry 8831

Circle Swings

  • 8831/  12 "
  • Please note : there is a varition in colour with each batch

Lge Ring

8824 / 18" $20 diameter

Tri 8837

Toy 8837

  • Triangle Swing approx length of sides is 12" ( 30cm )

Multi Coloured Rope Perch

  • 8816 = 24" / 60cm $9.00
  • 8819= 42"/    105cm   $16.00
  • Rope Perch
  • Fittings at either end


toy ring

Quad + 1 of Plastic Rings

  • Light Bright 
  • Hang in cage or off perch.
  • ech ring is approx 2,5cm diameter
  • when hanging will be approx 9cm long

Foot Toy Barrel

  • approx 4.25cm long
  • outside diameter approx 4cm
  • 1 bell in central part
  • 1 for $1.00
  • 6 for $5.00
Toy ball

Foot toys Balls

  • Small   approx 4.5cm across $1.00
  • Medium approx 5cm across  $1.50
  • Large  approx 9cm across $4.00
  • Each one has a bell inside.
  • Please note not suitable for larger parrots, will destroy and expose bell which may be dangerous.