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Canary Nests and Nesting


Chromed Canary Nest

  • 9cm $5.50
  • 12cm diam $7.00.
  • All metal with air holes and chromed hooks
  • Suit Canary, Finch and small dove
Ausall plas

White All Plastic Nest

  • All Plastic
  • buy 12 for $30.00


Nesting Pads

  • Natural Nest Pads
  • Suit  Canary Pans
  • You can trim to suit nest shape

Plaese note we will no longer sell the multi coloured felt liner as there are too many synthetic threads... even metal mixed in .... Too great a risk....

these are jute with a hessian  twine backing they do have loose threads.


  • Cotton Nesting Threads
  • All new
  • Hang container in cage , birds will take as required helps to salisfy natural nest building insticts.

Nesting Feathers

  • Cleaned and sanitized
  • All new nesting material
  • 20g

Nesting Fibre ( Coir )

  • Natural Nesting Fibre 100 g $4.00
  • 400g $12
Coir Coconut Fibre ..... clean and new