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Cage & Aviary accessories

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Perch Holders

Per pair Galvanised

1 pair to support 1 perch

6 pair for $32

10 pair $50


Small Stainless Perch Holders

  • Price is per pair
  • Bottom opening is approx 1.2cm
  • top opening 3.0cm


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Plastic Cuttle /Multi Purpose Clips 12 pcs

  • Keeps Cuttlebone clean.
  • Easy to fit into bars

Colour may vary




Metal Cuttlebone Clips 12 pack

  • Chromed all metal
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Now Only

White All Plastic Nest

  • All Plastic
  • buy 12 for $30.00


Chromed Canary Nest

  • 9cm $5.50
  • 12cm diam $6.50
  • All metal with air holes and chromed hooks
  • Suit Canary, Finch and small dove

Calcium Perch

  • Essential Calcium & Iodine Source
  • Naturally Trim the Nails & Beak
  • Attach with washer and wing nut system (supplied)
  • 140mm suits small to Medium ( conure )
  • 175 suits Medium to Lrage ( Alex )

Large BLACK PADDED Catching Net

Large  Black Net with a lightly padded rim

  • aluminium handle
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Small Black Padded Net

  • 9" Diameter approx
  • Aluminium Handle
Sm net
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Maspro Wire Clips 

Galvanised Netting clips